The 7MW Levenmouth Demonstration Turbine enables companies to test & demonstrate innovative new technologies

Demonstration Opportunity: Remote Supervisory Systems Workshop

Website visit Address Technology and Innovation Centre (TIC) 99 George Street G1 1RD Glasgow United Kingdom Start September 18, 2018 - 9:30 am End September 18, 2018 -12:30 pm

Offshore wind farm operations are largely dependent on the use of technicians, vessels and equipment to monitor, inspect and maintain the major assets and components. Minimising the costs, health and safety risks and turbine downtime associated with operations and maintenance (O&M) tasks is a major industry priority.

Technology makes it increasingly possible to increase the productivity and safety of technicians through remote supervision. Robotic, autonomous and condition monitoring systems make it possible to conduct O&M remotely and reduce the time spent offshore by technicians and vessels.

  • Are you working in any of these areas?
    • Remote supervisory systems
    • Enabling accessories such as headsets, cameras or other digital aids to communications
  • Do you offer solutions that could enable onshore staff to support those working offshore?
  • Are you a developer of robotic, autonomous and condition monitoring systems for applications to infrastructure inspection and repair? *
  • Do you already provide relevant technology to other markets and are interested in offshore wind O&M?

The Opportunity

We invite you attend a breakfast presentation where we will launch an opportunity for Scottish companies who would like to demonstrate relevant technologies at our Levenmouth Demonstration Turbine in Fife, Scotland.

This turbine represents a unique opportunity to access an environment representative of modern commercial offshore wind farms and could provide the opportunity to add a compelling case study to your company’s track record. We are also looking to demonstrate some of the innovative technologies at real offshore wind farm sites in Scotland.

Please note: For companies applying to demonstrate/validate robotic, autonomous and condition monitoring systems on the turbine, we can only accept applications from Scottish companies.

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