Hydropower Engineering: Technologies, Projects and Future Developments

Website visit Address Virtual event Start June 3, 2021 - 9:00 am End June 3, 2021 -5:00 pm
This event features technical presentations about key projects and the latest developments in hydropower, including pumped storagetidal powertechnological innovations and asset management.

Currently, there are multiple hydropower engineering initiatives across the UK and internationally, at various stages of the project lifecycle. Many hydropower plants are being refurbished or are looking to incorporate new technologies. Hydropower is becoming ever more important as we look to renewable energy to provide a more significant proportion of the energy mix.

The Hydropower Engineering seminar will explore the engineering challenges and lessons learnt in current hydropower engineering projects including examples of plant expansionrefurbishment and development of pumped storage facilities.

Attend this live online event to:

  • Hear from hydropower industry leaders including Engie, SSE Renewables, ORE Catapult, Voith Hydro and Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon Ltd among others
  • Learn about key projects in pumped storage including Red John, Paldiski, Torrejón and Valdecañas
  • Address challenges associated with the operation, maintenance and refurbishment of hydropower plants
  • Find out more about the challenges of grid stability and hydropower’s role in decarbonisation


ORE Catapult Presence:


  • Lorna Bennet, Mechanical Engineer, ORE Catapult
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