Bristol-based subsea surveying firm Rovco’s cutting-edge subsea robotic systems provide offshore wind owner/operators with a clearer picture of their assets.

Offshore Wind Meets… Robotics

Website visit Address OrbisEnergy, Wilde Street, Lowestoft, NR32 1XH Start July 11, 2018 - 8:00 am End July 11, 2018 -11:30 am

Join us on the 11th July to explore new opportunities for technology innovation between Robotics and Offshore Wind.

This is your chance to hear first-hand how cross industry collaborations are developing throughout the offshore wind industry. A day of innovation, collaboration and learning to future proof your business.

Hear from Brian Allen, CEO and Founder of ROVCO on live 3D vision – a ground breaking new subsea technology

Unlike many underwater scanning systems, Live 3D vision unlocks the potential for scaled, true colour models of subsea infrastructure with millimetre accuracy. Based on high quality video survey data, it is low risk, using familiar operational methods and equipment. This talk will look forward from current processed 3D approaches to the future live 3D enables, presenting some of Rovco’s R&D work. Why have video when you can have a mm perfect, 3D engineers CAD model in full colour for the same price?

3D improves the quality of inspections, which in turn provides a better means of communicating this information and finding the right solution. Easily viewed and measured online, Rovco’s 3D models provide a shareable, common view of assets in seconds. 3D enables key metrics such as the distance between structure points, surface area and volume calculations, and the ability to compare past and present models to determine areas of change. Our 3D systems are being developed to deliver results in near real-time generating cost savings of up to 80% compared with traditional survey methods.

At Rovco we believe that the demand for 3D and Artificial Intelligence solutions will increase in line with the growing need for accurate data for critical analysis – it is a huge breakthrough for the industry as a means to identify, diagnose, and provide solutions for underwater assets over their entire lifespan.

Two companies currently innovating in robotics with a focus on offshore wind will also give presentations. Texo Drone use UAV technology for survey and inspection tasks, whilst Innotec UK develop robotic platforms for a multitude of tasks.

The SCORE delivery partners Nautilus Associates and the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult will give insight into the support available to businesses.

Breakfast will be provided along with the opportunity to network.

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