Robotics and Autonomous Systems in Offshore Wind O&M Services

Website visit Address Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 1 Birdcage Walk, London, SW1H 9JJ Start May 23, 2019 - 8:30 am End May 23, 2019 -7:00 pm
Bristol-based subsea surveying firm Rovco's cutting-edge subsea robotic systems provide offshore wind owner/operators with a clearer picture of their assets.
Bristol-based subsea surveying firm Rovco’s cutting-edge subsea robotic systems provide offshore wind owner/operators with a clearer picture of their assets.

Collaboration is needed to recognise the potential of robotics and autonomous systems (RAS) in offshore wind O&M, and maximise the benefits for the UK in terms of job creation, increased GVA and exports.

This event reveals the specific industry innovation challenges related to O&M and requirements for RAS (both commercial and technical). It further explains the need for improved UK test facilities to help validate RAS for these applications and subsequently de-risk the technology development. 

RAS technologies exist and have potential to reduce these costs, as well as taking humans out of dangerous offshore environments; but applications in offshore wind are limited. Collaborative work involving the offshore wind industry and the relevant UK supply chain companies, academic institutions, test centres and government programmes is required to accelerate commercialisation of RAS innovations in this sector and maximise the economic growth opportunity for the UK.

Case studies of companies who are developing RAS solutions and gaining traction in the industry will be presented, as well as plans for improvements to UK test infrastructure to support and de-risk these developments.

Attend this seminar to…

  • Hear from the Catapult’s Tony Fong and other leading organisations about the challenges facing the delivery of offshore wind O&M services and opportunities for cost reduction and health and safety improvements
  • Understand how Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS) can reduce OPEX and improve energy generation and health and safety
  • Learn about the latest developments in RAS applied to offshore wind O&M and ongoing demonstration projects
  • Meet and discuss with RAS expertsleading academicresearch and test centres and end users in the offshore wind industry
  • Ask key questions about how RAS can be applied to your specific operations and maintenance needs during the Q&A sessions following each presentation.
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