Wave & tidal

The UK has 11,072 miles of coastline with some of the highest tidal ranges in the world.

Wave and tidal energy have the potential to provide 20% of the UK’s current electricity demand.

ORE Catapult is committed to driving forward the establishment of a competitive marine energy sector through innovative processes, technology and learning.

Tidal Energy

Tidal devices are similar to submerged wind turbines. Tidal energy is progressing towards commercialisation with markets developing in the UK, France and Canada.

The UK currently leads the global production of tidal energy with the establishment of MeyGen, the UK’s first tidal array in the Pentland Firth. Despite significant investment from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), there are still major challenges facing the sector e.g. turbine powertrain reliability and subsea architecture.

Wave Energy

Wave energy technologies are still in the very early development stage, with little evidence yet of design convergence. Wave technology developers face challenges in attracting public and private sector investment as well as having to develop enabling technologies and components for first arrays.

Visit our projects page to find out more about the wave and tidal work we are involved in.

Testing facilities

Our wave and tidal testing services include:

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