Core Research

ORE Catapult participates in large-scale collaborative R&D and innovative commercial and public funded projects, amassing vast technical knowledge and know-how. Our laboratory and testing facilities have also been invaluable to their success.

Our multi-disciplined team of highly qualified engineers and technical specialists have in-depth experience of renewable energy technologies. As a leader in technology and sector development, the Catapult provides support and guidance to Government departments including the Department of Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and has a formal technology advisory role to The Crown Estate for offshore wind and marine.

A number of employees also sit of on industry steering groups and advisory boards, such as the IEA Wind, TPWind, IECRE, EERA, EUREC, TPOcean, academic institutions, SuperGen Wind and SuperGen Marine as well as International Standards Committees such as the IEC and BSI. Our industrial and research advisory groups as well as our industry-led Board of Directors provide strategy and support around collaborative developments with industry as well as working  with Government and key industry stakeholders to support the growth of offshore renewable energy in the UK.

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