Drive train testing

Turbine drive trains

Three nacelle testing facilities for accelerated life and extreme event testing of wind and tidal turbines have been developed. The facilities help to improve the understanding of turbine performance, identifying any potential assembly and design issues in a relatively short time period compared to field tests and performs testing of turbines in accordance with IEC and ISO standards

Our 1MW facility was commissioned in January 2017 following the successful test of Tocardo’s T2 turbine. The rig will be used for research and development, to validate the efficiency and reliability of new turbine designs and for upscaling developer prototypes to multi-megawatt scale.

Since becoming operational in 2012, the 3MW tidal turbine facility has completed two test programmes.

Commissioning partner, Atlantis Resources Limited, was the first developer to use the facility. They tested their AR1000 1MW turbine and secured performance data equivalent to four months of tidal cycles which subsequently enabled the development of its next generation AR1500 (1.5MW) tidal turbine device.

Marine Current Turbines have also used the facility to conduct an aggressive multi-axis endurance test programme on their prototype 1MW powertrain (gearbox, generator and power conditioning equipment). The test simulated the full range of environmental loads the device would experience over 18 years’ of operation in an aggressive tidal flow.

Our 15MW facility, once fully commissioned, will be capable of performing independent performance, validation, functionality, endurance and compressed life testing of components, subassemblies, sub-systems and full systems (including the generator and converter) dynamically in a controlled onshore environment up to 15MW rating. The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) has invested £25m in the design, development and commissioning of the offshore wind turbine test rig.

Download 1MW Drive Train Specification

Download 3MW Drive Train Specification 

Download 15MW Drive Train Specification


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