Marine renewables & subsea technology

Marine renewables & subsea technology

The Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult has a proven track record of working with world leading marine renewables and subsea engineering companies by adapting our dry docks and dockside site facilities.

We provide an open access and fully controlled onshore saltwater environment to perform verification activities, reliability and performance appraisals of new mechanical and electrical subcomponents and whole systems.

We have tested a large number of systems and components and have designed, developed, assembled and deployed full-scale devices.

Marine technology development projects include:

  • Wave energy extraction prototype design, testing and fabrication, including power take-off systems, hydrodynamic performance and survivability
  • Subsea foundation performance testing, including piling techniques, stability and anchoring
  • Cable systems and pipeline laying equipment trials, integrity testing and trenching
  • Prototype scale subsea deployment and assembly trials, including inspection and robots, sonar devices, cable bend restrictors and stiffeners
  • Subsea equipment factory acceptance tests (e.g. Christmas trees, ROVs and tether management systems)

Facilities include:

  • Still water tank
  • Simulated seabed
  • 3MW tidal turbine drive train test facility
  • Electrical and materials laboratories

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