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The Catapult has appointed the University of Strathclyde and the University of Manchester to form the Electrical Infrastructure Research Hub.

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Live Innovation Opportunities

There are a number of programmes identifying the key technology innovation challenges faced by the offshore renewables industry. Solving these challenges will help drive down the cost of offshore renewable energy, with positive effects for the industry and UK economy. Visit our Live Innovation Opportunities page to find out if your technology has the answer.

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The open category is for UK companies (or companies looking to set up in the UK) developing an innovative product or service that could either reduce costs, reduce risk or increase the efficiency of offshore wind farms. If your innovation does not fit any of the specific Launch Academy challenges, then this is the category for you. We are looking for the next game-changing innovation to help our industry reach a target of 30GW in UK waters by 2030, and 75GW by 2050. With current installed capacity at 8.3GW, the industry has a pipeline offering significant growth for any prospective new product or service planning to launch. For further background on the offshore wind sector you can view the ORE Catapult’s innovators guides. 


Technology trends

Wind farms are being installed further from shore (Dogger Bank will be 130km off the East coast of the UK) and wind turbines are getting larger (100m+ blades, 12MW power rating). This brings a whole set of challenges around how to install and operate the wind farms of the future. For the latest innovation priorities visit the Offshore Wind Innovation Hub website.

Technology themes

  • Condition monitoring and sensing
  • Inspection technology
  • Machine learning and IoT (internet of things)
  • Novel wind turbine components/novel materials
  • Repair solutions
  • Corrosion prevention
  • Robotics and AI
  • Subsea engineering
  • Novel installation technology
  • Turbine access systems
  • Novel foundations
  • Novel vessels
  • Health and Safety
  • Communications.


The Open Category will be assessed by Siemens Gamesa (market leading wind turbine OEM), Red Rock Power Ltd. (wind farm developer), Scottish Power Renewables (wind farm owner operator), Quaybridge (wind farm developer) and ORE Catapult (innovation specialist).

IP and Potential Commercial Route

Prior to any exchange of proprietary information, a non-disclosure agreement shall be in place between any party involved

Any new developed IP that is born from a collaboration with the industry partners within the Launch Academy shall be subject to a mutual agreement between developer and the specific industry partner

Existing background IP associated with a potential solution will remain with the Solution Provider(s)

Any commercial deployment of a transferred solution or newly developed solution, through licensing, joint venture, partnership or direct investment, will be subject to the commercial agreement between the Solution Provider(s) and the specific industry partner.


Companies selected to join the Launch Academy from the Open Category will be offered multiple opportunities to meet potential end users and market leaders.


Companies selected to join the Launch Academy from the Open Category will be offered multiple opportunities to meet potential end users and market leaders. You will also have free access to market leading innovation and commercialisation support services from ORE Catapult and our delivery partners over the course of nine months to help you get investor ready, supply chain ready and equipped for growth.


Launch of the Competition: 22-Oct-2019

Deadline for applications: 13-Dec-2019

Selection and notification of finalists: 6-Jan-2020

Launch Academy begins: Feb 2020

Entrants to this competition must be:

Established businesses, startups, SMEs or individual entrepreneurs

UK based or have the intention to set up a UK base

Applications will be assessed on:

  • Relevance to offshore wind
  • Innovative nature of the subject
  • Coherence of the proposed business model
  • Feasibility/ economic viability
  • Development potential
  • Maturity of project/solution
  • Ability to launch project/Ease of implementation
  • Price/quality ratio
  • Suitability for the UK Market (Inc. building regulations and certification etc.)
  • Project plan and funding requests
  • Suitability for the launch academy


In Partnership with:

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