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Our new series of regular Analysis and Insight reports are designed to provide you with relevant, actionable advice and insight on key industry issues. We produce Market Analyses; Key Issues papers; Long Papers; Standard Papers; Case Studies; Predictions and Market Reponses linked to ORE Catapult’s project and research activity and in response to key industry events.

The Economic Value of Offshore Wind: Benefits to the UK of Supporting the Industry

28 Mar 2017

The UK offshore wind industry is going through a period of rapid cost reduction, brought about by innovative technological solutions and underpinned by a growing and maturing industry, together with continued Government support. The UK Government is expecting not just clean energy capacity but also projects that deliver economic benefit to the UK. By looking at the relationships between revenue support and the economic benefits of an active UK supply chain, there is a clear net benefit to the UK from investing in the offshore wind industry, both to serve UK projects as well as bolstering the potential to export skills, products and services to the global market. Login / Register

Jacket Foundations O&M: Early Adopter Experience

11 Nov 2016

Ormonde offshore wind farm saw the first deployment of jacket foundations on a commercial scale. In this Case Study, Sally Shenton explores, through first-hand interviews with the wind farm's Site Manager and O&M Manager, how owner/operators Vattenfall developed effective operations and maintenance strategies for these enormous, complex, and relatively untried structures. Login / Register

Offshore Wind Cost Reduction

03 Nov 2016

Recent strike prices awarded in the Netherlands and Denmark have made headlines throughout the offshore wind industry - in some cases, 60–70% lower than the lowest prices awarded in the UK. In this paper, ORE Catapult's Investment and Financial Analyst Gavin Smart examines the reasons behind this gulf in cost, and provides a bridge between the levelised cost of energy for UK offshore wind farms and their European counterparts. Login / Register

Cost Modelling Analysis of Floating Wind Technologies

27 Oct 2016

Are floating turbines a cost-competitive solution to harnessing the UK's enormous deep-water offshore wind potential? This paper explores the commercial viability of floating wind technology by carrying out a cost modelling analysis of TLPWIND, an innovative tension leg platform solution developed by Iberdrola E&C, in partnership with the University of Strathclyde and ORE Catapult. Login / Register

An Alternative End-of-Warranty Contracting Strategy

20 Oct 2016

In 2013, Centrica reviewed the costs and benefits it received from the warranty-based operations and maintenance (O&M) service contract for the Lynn and Inner Dowsing (LID) offshore wind farms. This case study focuses on the project that Centrica implemented to develop the end-of-warranty contracting approach, the new approaches adopted to O&M activities in the post-warranty period, and the key benefits that have emerged as a result. Login / Register

A novel offshore wind transfer technique

27 May 2016

Sally Shenton | Date Published: 27 May 2016 | Document Type: Case Study. Repsol is co-owner of the Beatrice Offshore Wind Demonstration project, having acquired the original developer, Talisman, in May 2015. The company is also involved in the development of new offshore wind farms in Scotland. Login / Register

Responding to an emergency

13 May 2016

Sally Shenton | Date Published: 13 May 2016 | Document Type: Case Study. Following several years of operating offshore wind farms, Centrica chose to undertake a wholesale review of health and safety risks that could trigger an emergency response. Login / Register

Management of Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) Gas in Wind Turbine Sub-Structures

06 May 2016

Conaill Soraghan | Date Published: 06 May 2016 | Document Type: Case Study. In November 2013, elevated levels of the gas hydrogen sulphide were detected within the foundations of some of the wind turbines at the Teesside offshore wind farm. This case study presents the approach adopted by EDF-ER as wind farm owner to identify the source of the gas and manage the hazard on an ongoing basis. Login / Register

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