Tidal Turbine Collision Sensor Development

Published 13 June 2018

Detecting strikes on subsea tidal turbines.

The Project

We are working on a solution to determine whether a strike on a subsea tidal turbine is from an object or animal. Present technologies can detect strikes but cannot make this important distinction without additional costly monitoring equipment. Censis is our project partner; an industry-led hub of excellence for sensor and imaging systems. Their team explored the opportunities offered by sensor technologies to enable industry stakeholders to benefit from the latest research.

Censis, with project funding contributions from Natural Environmental Research Council (NERC)and Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH), delivered a study on this challenge; investigating the feasibility of adapting and developing existing sensor technology. They led a consultation exercise with teams from across the marine energy industry including regulatory bodies, tidal turbine project and technology developers, university teams and sensor companies. They analysed industry’s requirements and compared them to the sensor development landscape.

The Outcomes

The key study output is a detailed plan to adapt, develop and demonstrate state-of-the-art detection sensor technology.

The first two reports from the project are now available to download.

Download a report looking at the functional and environmental requirements of the sensor and imaging systems

Download a report reviewing existing available technologies, and the potential for future projects

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