Robotics & Autonomous Systems

Find out more about our robotics and autonomous systems testing and validation facilities.

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Electrical Infrastructure Research Hub

The Catapult has appointed the University of Strathclyde and the University of Manchester to form the Electrical Infrastructure Research Hub.

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Automation & Engineering Solutions

Find out more about our work in robotics, autonomous systems and artificial intelligence.

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Stay Current

Dig deeper into the biggest issues facing offshore wind, wave and tidal energy with our series of Analysis & Insight papers.

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Live Innovation Opportunities

There are a number of programmes identifying the key technology innovation challenges faced by the offshore renewables industry. Solving these challenges will help drive down the cost of offshore renewable energy, with positive effects for the industry and UK economy. Visit our Live Innovation Opportunities page to find out if your technology has the answer.

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Powertrain Testing Services

ORE Catapult is at the forefront of powertrain testing, validation, innovation and research. Our experienced powertrain specialists, engineering and project management teams work with clients to enhance and validate their advanced and complex wind and tidal turbine powertrain systems. We carry out:

  • Highly Accelerated Lifetime Testing (HALT) with multi-axis loading.
  • System performance tests; power curve and efficiency assessments.
  • Design verification and model validation.
  • Grid complaint test.
  • Component validation and conformance testing.
  • New supply chain validation.


Testing at ORE Catapult is an important step in our engineering process and the data collected will play a critical role in future design considerations. We plan to continue to invest in both onshore and offshore testing.

Atlantis Resources Ltd

Test Facilities

15MW Powertrain Test Facility

Powertrain testing facility for offshore wind turbine systems, with 6 degrees of freedom Non-Torque Loading (NTL).


Download the 15MW Spec Sheet


3MW Powertrain Test Facility

Horizontal axes powertrain testing facility for tidal turbine systems, with 6 degrees of freedom Non-Torque Loading (NTL).


Download the 3MW Spec Sheet


1MW Powertrain Test Facility

Sub-megawatt powertrain and component testing facility for small-scale turbine powertrain systems.

Download the <1MW Spec Sheet


7MW Levenmouth Demonstration Turbine

A live, operating powertrain providing real-time performance data and analysis to inform testing and validation.

Download the Levenmouth Spec Sheet


Value-Add Services

Highly Representative Powertrain Testing

ORE Catapult’s Six Degrees of Freedom (6DoF) loading is the process of imparting highly representative conditions on a whole nacelle within a controlled test environment, exposing it to the extreme forces experienced offshore. We:

  • Offer representative testing.
  • Evaluate technology design and manufacture.
  • Identify optimisation potential.


Mechanical & Electrical System Performance

ORE Catapult’s 18MVA grid emulation system, ‘eGrid’, is one of the most advanced in the world, allowing clients to simultaneously test the mechanical and the electrical systems of the powertrain, significantly reducing time to market. We:

  • Evaluate electrical performance.
  • Provide critical performance data.
  • Provide grid compliance assurance.


Data Acquisition and Analysis

With 840 GPS–synchronised channels available, ORE Catapult’s data acquisition and analysis service enables us to measure every aspect of a powertrain’s performance, while securely and independently managing client measurement data. We:

  • Measure and analyse performance.
  • Offer an independent service.
  • Use highly secure data servers.


Wind Load Characteristics

Using our 7MW Levenmouth Demonstration Turbine, ORE Catapult emulates powertrain test conditions with real-time, in-field operating conditions, assisting clients in building accelerated test load profiles from field operational loading conditions. We:

  • Collect real-time turbine data.
  • Emulate true conditions during test.
  • Offer accelerated test load profiles.


Materials Analysis

ORE Catapult’s materials specialists and fully equipped in-house laboratories allow clients to better understand turbine behaviour, failure modes and root cause, as well as perform post-test tear down inspections. We offer:

  • Tear down and analysis
  • Dedicated HV Materials Lab on-site.
  • An understanding of root cause of failures.


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