Subsea & Marine testing

Prove the reliability and performance of critical structures and foundations supporting turbine advancements

Testing Services

With the entire structure of offshore wind turbines being adapted to suit deeper waters and, in particular, significant advancements in floating wind, both the foundations and associated technologies, monitoring and data analysis must also adapt to suit the transition requirements from above sea level to below.

ORE Catapult provides a range of testing and validation services for entire structures and foundations, with access to major assets deployed offshore, as well as components associated with the base of turbines, such as cable systems, ROVs and anti-corrosion innovations.

  • Condition monitoring
  • Controlled dry or wet testing of subsea systems and technologies
  • Prototype subsea system deployment
  • Subsea survey/inspection equipment
  • Foundation testing, including piling, noise mitigation and anchoring
  • Hydrodynamic stability analysis and testing


Test Facilities

Subsea Docks

Three subsea docks for both wet and dry conditions, including a replica seabed, for controlled subsea testing

Levenmouth Demonstration Turbine

The 7MW Levenmouth Demonstration Turbine is the world’s most advanced, open access, offshore wind turbine dedicated to research, and offers complementary opportunities for training and development of skills vital for the future of the offshore wind industry.

Offshore Anemometry Platform

NOAH enables clients to test, calibrate and validate remotes sensor technologies in a representative Round 3 environment.

The test results provided a greater understanding of potential installation issues that our customers might face. We also gained valuable insights into the dynamics of the system that will help further refine and optimise our designs to accelerate performance for our customers’ critical applications.

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Renewable Sales Manager at Trelleborg Offshore

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