Who we are



The Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult is the UK's flagship technology innovation and research centre for offshore wind, wave and tidal energy.

We combine world-class research, development, demonstration and testing facilities with leadership, industrial reach and engineering expertise to accelerate the design, deployment and commercialisation of renewable energy technology innovation.

We are not-for-distributed-profit and will collaborate widely to de-risk and commercialise technological solutions and standards that can be embraced by the market.


Abundant, affordable energy from offshore wind, wave and tide



To accelerate the development, testing, commercialisation and deployment of offshore renewable energy technologies, enabling a vibrant sector driven by research and innovation, collaboration and enhanced knowledge, that generates affordable, low carbon power and considerable UK economic benefit.



  • To build a centre of deep technical expertise that is internationally recognised for accelerating a vibrant offshore renewable energy sector.
  • Create opportunities for new market entrants and technologies.
  • Support incoming manufacturing investment in the UK and unlock the potential of our indigenous manufacturing and service companies.
  • Act as a powerful hub for UK innovation work streams and test assets.
  • Provide a creative, challenging and rewarding environment for employees to lead innovation and research development and provide support services to others, such as SMEs.
  • Provide national leadership in a highly diverse sector.
  • Enable the academic sector to have best access to the market and to further its innovation in new technologies and solutions.
  • To deliver value-added service excellence to all of our customers.
  • Act independently and with professional integrity to protect the intellectual property of clients.