We believe that small and medium enterprises (SMEs) will be a key part of the success of the offshore renewable energy and will be the driving force for much of the innovation expected over the coming years.

Being smaller and more agile means SMEs can respond quicker to market opportunities, undertake research and devlopment faster and be more creative in their thinking.
Our aim is to collaborate with SMEs to accelerate the identification, development and commercialisation of innovative technology that can:

  • Reduce the Levelised Cost of Energy (LCOE) of offshore renewable energy.
  • Impact positively on the UK economy (SMEs represent 99% of all business & two-thirds of employment)

How can collaborating with ORE Catapult benefit you?

  • Our expertise provides an independent and credible view on your innovation idea
  • Our sector knowledge and expertise can help you to strengthen your commercial proposition
  • We can provide access to expertise, facilities, and third party funding sources to support your development plans
  • You gain access to a valuable development partner and its networks to accelerate the commercialisation of your technology, e.g. access to key customers, routes to market, etc.

If you have an idea that you would like to work with us on, please contact us or have a look at our industry Innovation Challenges

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