Managing Ageing Offshore Assets: Adapting for Net Zero

Website visit Address Net Zero Technology Centre, Aberdeen. Start June 22, 2023 - End June 23, 2023 -

About the Event:

This seminar hosted by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (iMechE) offers a unique combination of insights into the strategies for maintaining mature assets, repurposing infrastructure for net-zero applications, and transferring knowledge to support the successful growth of renewable technologies.

Key reasons to attend:

  • Contextualise the continued operation of mature assets in the North Sea, including multiple regulatory and operator perspectives
  • Hear case studies on engineering activities undertaken to improve the performance of mature assets, extend their lives, or repurpose them for net-zero enabling technologies
  • Explore lessons which can be learned from oil & gas to improve design and maintenance in the renewable energy industry
  • Address the growing use of novel technologies including remote inspection, analysis of asset data and other innovations

The Institution is collaborating with key industry stakeholders to deliver this seminar. These include the Health and Safety Executive, the North Sea Transition Authority, and the Net Zero Technology Centre, who are also hosting the event in Aberdeen.

ORE Catapult Presence:

Our Energy Economy Analyst, Molly Isaacs is presenting at the seminar on ‘UK offshore wind market and analysis of end-of-life strategies’. Her presentation is broken down into the following segments:

  • Renewables decommissioning projections
  • End-of-life strategies: life extension and repowering
  • Cost-benefit comparison study relating to carbon footprint analysis

For the full seminar programme click here: Managing Ageing Offshore Assets: Adapting for Net-Zero | Aberdeen | SEM7604 (

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