Our Team

Inclusion & Diversity at ORE Catapult

At ORE Catapult we recognise the importance of providing an inclusive workplace for all our people to feel safe and supported at work, no matter what their individual characteristics. We encourage everyone to bring their whole selves to work to enable a work environment that is supportive and collaborative and where integrity is valued. As well as benefiting employees, we believe this approach also creates the conditions for the diversity of thought and innovation that allow us to perform at our best for everyone. Demonstrating resilience and determination to overcoming barriers, we will strive to achieve excellence.

We understand that we are on a learning journey, exploring and growing in our understanding of equality, diversity and inclusion. We are renewing our effort on gathering knowledge, working with organisations with relevant expertise to assess where we are at as an organisation, and use this to inform and develop our existing strategy and approach.

We are working on creating an even more inclusive environment and pursuing outreach measures for those who are currently under-represented in our organisation, including Black and minority ethnic communities, disabled people, women and those from the LGBTQ+ community. We believe that by creating such an environment we can attract the very best talent, regardless of background, to work at ORE Catapult.

Our People

Laura Fairley, Innovation Manager

Armin Malekian, Maintenance Technician

  Gillian Sharp, Head of Procurement

“Diversity and inclusion means everyone’s voice is heard, my team is made up of some very experienced people, as well as some just from school and those less experienced are given an equal voice at our team meetings, as quite often they come to the subject with a fresh approach.

“To me, the mindset of seeing diversity and inclusion as something that ‘has’ to be done needs to change, as we should be doing it not because it’s ‘expected’ or ‘acceptable’ but because it creates better functioning teams and happier employees.”

Dr Chong Ng Professional Headshot  Dr Chong Ng, Associate Director of Applied Research

“Good workplace diversity provides an open-minded environment for diversified, out-of-the-box thinking that stimulates innovation and creative culture. With these, businesses will be attractive to talent that eventually lead to improved competitiveness, productivity, and reputation. In our applied research team we have highly motivated people, from more than 10 different countries, with different ethnic backgrounds and above industry average gender balance. I am proud to be part of the team with such a great diversity.”

 Alex Louden, Senior Technology Innovation Manager

“For me, diversity covers a broad spectrum of things from background, culture, and age,  through to personal circumstances, experience, and points of view. All of these are vital to creating a great team, a great work environment, and great results. My experience at ORE Catapult is regardless of where you have come from, if you can prove yourself able then you will be trusted with responsibility and given the opportunity to grow. As someone that joined the organisation at a young age, this has been absolutely invaluable to developing my own skills, experience, and role”

 Claire Stewart, HR Officer

“I have been an Inclusion & Diversity champion for over a year now and believe in everything it stands for. From a personal perspective I have seen a lot of negative actions towards a member of my family who is autistic and this always spurs me on in promoting equality.”

Headshot of magnus willet  Magnus Willet, Project Manager

“Since joining the Catapult in December 2019, I’ve seen first-hand how much emphasis and passion the Catapult puts into inclusion and diversity. From my own point of view, I have dyslexia and other learning difficulties as well as experiencing poor mental health for much of my adult life. The great thing about working at the Catapult is that I feel it is a very open culture that allows me to share my honest opinions, as well as feel supported to deliver the best outputs I can throughout my projects.”