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Our goal at ORE Catapult is to have a culture where each & everyone always thinks, talks and acts safely. To achieve this, we have an on-going commitment to prioritise the health and safety of everyone who works for and engages with our business. As such, we are creating an ethos across the organisation, ‘each & everyone’, that sets out the behaviours and expectations to keep people safe at all times.

Our work code:

‘Think Safe, Talk Safe, Act Safe’ is our safety work code that will enable each and every one of us to make our own contribution to a safer workplace. They are all behaviours that everyone can get involved in.

Think Safe

Take a moment to look for potential hazards before starting a task, no matter how routine.

Talk Safe

Share your ideas and concerns about safety and expect to be listened to and supported.

Act Safe

Get personally involved in your own safety and that of your colleagues – be proud to choose the safest way.

Our leaders are committed to:

Being visible in the workplace, listening to and responding to concerns

Championing safety, ensuring we communicate with enthusiasm

Leading by example

Always question ‘at risk’ behaviour

Praising and reinforcing safe behaviours

Investigating all hazard and incident reports thoroughly and fairly, and provide timely feedback

Delivering on promises

Setting personal safety objectives


Environmental and Sustainability consideration is integral to all that we do.


By 2035 we aspire to be ‘net zero’ for the entire organisation which includes reducing carbon emissions from our owned operations. We will take practical action to enhance our performance from procurement of sustainable materials to using clean power supply to our operations.

We are wholly committed, wherever practical, to protecting the environment, by:

Eliminating the use of environmentally damaging substances, materials and processes and wherever possible using environmentally friendly substances;

Reducing, directly and indirectly, the company’s emissions of environmentally damaging materials;

Recycling and reusing as much as possible;

Minimising waste and preventing pollution and operating environmentally sound waste management procedures;

Using sustainable renewable energy sources, and

Involving our people and promoting a culture to achieve our environmental objectives, with necessary information, instruction and training.

Include Environmental Sustainability in growth and investment decisions using innovative solutions where available.

Utilise sustainable forms of communication and endeavour to make significant inroads to reduce the impact of our business, whilst also encouraging our partners and stakeholders to undertake the same protocols.


At ORE Catapult, Quality is integral in all that we do and fundamental to our organisational goals and objectives. We are wholly committed to providing quality services and products that consistently meet or exceed our customers and other applicable requirements and expectations.


All employees have an essential role to play in delivering what our customers require, on time and in full, challenging sources of error and waste and identifying opportunities for improvement.

This will be achieved by:

Understanding and implementing policies and procedures relevant to our work and embracing the need for innovation.

Working to high professional standards and maintaining appropriate levels of knowledge, skills, training and continuous professional development.

Operating an effective and efficient Quality Management System that we continuously strive to improve, and

Providing and maintaining facilities and equipment to a high standard.


If you have any questions around Health & Safety, please contact our HSE Manager, Grant Gilhespie ( Or if you would like more information around our quality of service, please get in touch with our Quality Manager, Jonathan Robison (

Jonathan Robison

Quality Manager