Marine-i – Business Opportunities for Marine Technologies and Smart Solutions Webinar

Website visit Address Virtual Event Start October 1, 2020 - 10:00 am End October 1, 2020 -12:00 pm

We are pleased to invite you to a webinar event series, specifically focussed on the opportunities around Marine Smart Grids with particular reference to isolated communities, including Ports and Islands. Smart grids are being developed on land, and are increasingly looking at how to incorporate marine renewable energy into the mix.


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10.00 Marine-i Welcome and explanation of Zoom operation

10.05 Panel Introduction:

• Jonathan Williams; Marine South East (Chair)

• Neil Farrington; Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult

• Anna Stegman; Energy Systems Catapult

• Osian Roberts; Minesto

• Mohammad Abusara; University of Exeter

• Anthony Price; Swanbarton

10.10 Marine-i – Introduction to Marine-i smart grid related support – Neil Farrington, ORE Catapult

10.20 ICE – How smart solutions can accelerate deployment of marine renewables – Jonathan Williams, Marine South East

10.30 Energy systems approach – Anna Stegman, Energy Systems Catapult

10.45 Opportunities for suppliers in marine smart grid markets; case studies:

• Opportunities in Tidal Stream Renewables – Osian Roberts, Minesto

• REEF Smart grid building; control and switching – Mohammed Abusara, University of Exeter

• Innovation on the move: the development of energy storage and the smart grid – Anthony Price, Swanbarton

11.30 Questions to participants and discussion; Priority capabilities and RTD topics – Facilitator Jonathan Williams, Marine South East

• Storage solutions

• Smart grid

• Planning & optimisation

• Route to market

11.50 Priorities, action points, any further questions – Jonathan Williams, Marine South East

12.00 Close

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