OGV Energy Transition Online Event

Website visit Address Virtual Event Start May 20, 2021 - 2:00 pm End May 20, 2021 -4:30 pm

OGV Energy welcomes you to our OGV Community event for May, where we will be looking at where the Energy sector is placed in the much talked about “Energy transition”, and how long we have to go in our journey towards a more sustainable, safer and technologically enabled industry.

The Energy Transition means a gradual move away from a reliance on fossil-fuels, towards a more diversified energy mix, in which renewable and alternative energy plays a far bigger role. This change signifies opportunities that can be both environmentally sound and commercially advantageous if the energy supply chain can harness the correct resources to deliver real value to their clients.

Hydrogen and CCUS, offshore wind, geothermal, solar and hydro-power will all play a part in the energy mix of tomorrow. Join us to hear from our panel of experts on how the supply chain of the energy sector can help facilitate the journey.

This event provides you with the opportunity to:

  • Gain insight into where we are in our Energy Transition journey.
  • Discover what investment decisions are being made to meet the government objectives.
  • Improve your understanding of renewable energy.
  • Interact with expert speakers on the Energy Transition.
  • Network with your peers in the Energy Transition sector.


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