SMART Wind 2020

Website visit Address Virtual event Start May 19, 2020 - 9:00 am End May 19, 2020 -3:20 pm

Digitalisation priorities in the wind sector are being redefined from collection, to innovation. As the cost of wind energy continues to fall and with the EU looking to increase their renewable energy capacity targets by over 50%, it is more important than ever for the wind industry to unlock their vast data sets and become global leaders in the digital space.

 Smart Wind looks to find out the latest digital developments from owner-operators, OEMs and data strategy experts from the largest and most innovative companies operating in Europe. 

Join ORE Catapult’s Dr Conaill Soragham as he presents on Data and Digitilisation on Offshore Wind in these sessions:

11:50am – 12:20pm: Presentation: Data Sharing in the Wind Industry – Value Propositions and Use-Cases

  • Is the wind industry beginning to shift towards a more open data approach? And why would it?
  • Why and how can you benchmark your operational assets? Some results from our onshore and offshore wind farm benchmarking platforms.
  • How the ORE Catapult are interfacing with the digital supply chain to improve the digital maturity of the wind industry.

Dr. Conaill Soraghan, Data and Digitalisation Team Lead, ORE Catapult

12:25pm – 1:10pm: Panel Discussion: Data Ownership & Sharing Across the Wind Energy Supply Chain

  • What data is available to you and your partners?
  • What benefits will you see from building creative and successful partnerships with key stakeholders, including OEMs and management partners?
  • How do you ensure regulatory compliance and cybersecurity across the whole data supply chain?

Dr. Conaill Soraghan, Data and Digitalisation Team Lead, ORE Catapult
Christopher Ford, Chief Operating Officer, Lekela Power
Jeremy Law, Vice President, Commercial Asset Management, Longroad Energy

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