Project Methilltoune

Levenmouth Demonstration Turbine at the heart of research into zero-carbon heating

Published 23 July 2020 Heating is responsible for up to a third of the UK’s greenhouse gas output: a challenge that must be solved if we are to meet the legally binding net-zero targets set by the UK and Scottish Governments. This is particularly relevant in winter because, from November to March, the energy consumed in the form of natural gas is 300-400% that consumed in the form of electricity in the UK. Together with partners SGN, Arup and Kiwa, we have been exploring ways of building the world’s first green hydrogen heating network around our 7MW Levenmouth Demonstration Turbine in Fife.

Why Levenmouth?

ORE Catapult’s Levenmouth Demonstration Turbine (LDT) is a unique open-access facility for trialling and demonstrating innovative technologies and solutions for offshore wind and clean energy. The Turbine is fully operational, powering 7,414 local homes, and it now sits at the centre of a local energy community scheme planned under the ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems CLUE project, funded locally by Scottish Enterprise. ORE Catapult is committed to showing the world how clean energy can fuel not just the local electricity supply, but also be extended to heating systems by converting wind power to storable green hydrogen. The goal is to show that hydrogen can offer the same levels of resilience and consistency as the existing network – at a significantly lower cost and with less disruption than alternative low-carbon heat solutions. Project Methilltoune, led by SGN, has offered one promising route to achieving this strategic objective.