Wind Blade Materials Development Forum

Wind Blade Materials Development Forum

Website visit Address Steigenberger Hotel Treudelberg Lemsahler Landstraße 45 22397 Hamburg Germany Start April 19, 2018 - 8:30 am End April 19, 2018 -4:45 pm

The wind blade materials market is one of the most competitive, dynamic, and strategically important parts of the wind turbine supply chain. It is estimated that between 2017 and 2026 the materials market for wind turbine blades will produce and sell over $37.34 billion. Part of the expected growth is in the rapid evolution and development of wind turbine blades, their manufacturing processes, and advanced materials that are enabling stronger and longer blades — which in turn make wind turbines more efficient and economical, increasing the size and lowering the cost of energy from wind turbines.

This TBM forum will discuss how to adapt to new design and technologies. It will discuss what is realistic when it comes to bigger blades, better quality, and faster production; what innovations will we see in materials and practical implementation.

The Catapult has two speakers at this event. On Day 1 at 15.45, Dr Kirsten Dyer talks about Developing Tools to Improve Leading Edge Erosion Coatings. On Day 2 at 13.30, Dr Peter Greaves presents on Advanced Blade Structural Analysis and Testing.

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