Dr Kirsten Dyer

Senior Research Materials Engineer
0333 004 1341

Dr Kirsten Dyer is the Senior Research Materials Engineer who responsible for all materials related research for ORE Catapult and specialises in wind turbine blade erosion. She is technically responsible for the rain erosion test rig for commercial customer testing, and for all rain erosion research projects. EU research projects include Demowind ODB and SME Instrument LEP4BLADES for LEP development. There have been numerous UK projects where she has supported LEP development. Additionally, she has supported IUK EROSCANS looking at how to extract strain information in the coatings from droplet impact during rain testing.

She is also the Coordinator for BLEER, a JIP collaboration between coatings manufacturers and academia, driving forward knowledge on the connection between fundamental material properties and rain erosion performance, development of the accelerated rain erosion test method to ensure acceleration methods do not induce unrealistic damage mechanisms, and validation of the accelerated test to the wind turbine. This research is supported by the Wind Blade Research Hub (WBRH), a collaboration between ORE and Bristol University.

She previously worked for Siemens Gamesa on wind turbines, and BAE Systems on civil and military aircraft supporting material qualification and production activities, mainly on non-metallic materials. She has a degree and PhD in Materials Engineering from the University of Wales Swansea.