Turbine from Simec Atlantis.

TIGER Report: Role and Value of Tidal Stream Generation in the Future UK Energy System

Published 5 December 2022

A Report for Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult 

This study aims to provide modelling evidence to inform UK policy regarding the role and value of tidal stream power generation in the future UK low-carbon energy system, and assess the cost-efficient deployment of tidal stream technologies across various energy system development scenarios.

The analysis investigates how deployment of tidal stream power will benefit the broader energy system (beyond electricity) and shape the portfolio of low-carbon energy resources, the required network and storage infrastructure, and the operational flexibility needed to facilitate cost-effective integration of offshore wind, while maintaining system security and resilient against weather extremities. A spectrum of sensitivity studies has also been performed to analyse the drivers for the tidal stream technology and the competition and synergy with other technologies.