Cornwall FLOW Accelerator: Reducing carbon footprint of floating foundation manufacturing – Literature Review

Published 23 January 2023

As the demand in offshore wind turbines increases so to does the demand for materials and manufacturing. One of the largest and perhaps least researched components within a wind turbine is the floating foundation. Various studies have shown that the majority of CO2 emissions produced by offshore wind occur during manufacturing so it stands to reason that establishing how to reduce
emissions during the floater manufacturing process will be critical going forward.

Additionally, there is now a key industrial drive to develop more manufacturing/ assembly factories within the UK. Particularly in Cornwall where the number of offshore renewable energy projects is greatly increasing.

This literature review will examine the current state-of-the-art materials that are used in the FOWT floaters, alternative materials, alternative structures and improved manufacturing processes. This is to identify areas of potential interest for future development. Finally, a summary will be produced to assess the GHG emissions of the current and new materials/ processes based on prior findings.


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