Cornwall FLOW Accelerator: Wind turbine blades design and manufacturing, current state-of-the-art literature review

Published 23 January 2023

The southwest offshore floating wind accelerator aims to develop the south-west of England into an area which can lead in offshore floating wind turbine technology. The project aims to spearhead the industrialisation of floating offshore wind in the entire southwest region of England and will bring to the fore, Cornwall and Plymouth’s world-renowned excellence in offshore renewables research and business.

The main scope of this project is for production of the next generation of turbine blades with reduce environmental impact, and with the next generation of recyclable materials in the manufacturing process. This report contains a desk-based benchmarking study into the opportunities for low carbon manufacture of turbine blades, which outlines the current state-of-the-art and explores some concepts for the immediate future of blade manufacturing in the Southwest of England. This will include a Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) of an up-to-date reference blade design which will act as the reference point for future estimates on costing and LCA.


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