Milford Haven: Energy Kingdom: Enabling activity for multi-GW offshore wind and hydrogen deployment in the Celtic Sea

Published 23 January 2023

The Milford Haven: Energy Kingdom project (funded by Innovate UK) has been a key project for developing understanding around how hydrogen can fit into the future energy system and for undertaking enabling actions to unlock multi-GW offshore wind projects in key UK offshore locations such as the Celtic Sea.

This report focuses on preparing the Milford Haven region for longer term trends (longer time-horizon energy generation) and is part of a wider suite of documents related to this study. The other documents cover: modelling the flow of energy through integrated wind turbine – electrolyser systems (ORE Catapult, 2022); using renewable energy and hydrogen to decarbonise steel in the context of
Wales (ORE Catapult, 2022); and identifying the hazards of integrating offshore wind with hydrogen (Abbott Risk Consulting, 2022).


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