Ein Team bestehend aus Siemens-Servicetechnikern und Mitarbeitern von Dong Energy werden die 175 Windturbinen warten. In einer speziell für diesen Zweck errichteten Betriebs- und Wartungsstation in Ramsgate werden rund 70 Wind-Servicetechniker und 20 Bürokräfte arbeiten – davon 35 Siemens-Mitarbeiter. Vor Ort werden zudem sechs Wartungsschiffe vorgehalten. Das Bild zeigt ein Service-Boot an einem Übergangsstück einer Windturbine bei London Array. A joint team comprising technicians and staff from DONG Energy and Siemens, managed by London Array, will be maintaining London Array’s 175 wind turbines and associated plant. London Array’s purpose built, eco friendly operation and maintenance base in Ramsgate is home to around 70 wind turbine technicians and 20 support staff – which includes 35 Siemens service employees and six maintenance vessels The picture shows a service vessel at the transition piece at a turbine at London Array.
Analysis & Insight

A Novel Offshore Wind Transfer Technique

Published 27 May 2016

This O&M Case Study looks at an alternative offshore personnel transfer approach that avoids the use of vertical ladders, which was developed for the Beatrice Demonstrator project. It explains the infrastructure installed, and discusses the performance and experience, and benefits of using a different method of transferring personnel to the turbine platform. Repsol is co-owner of the Beatrice Offshore Wind Demonstration project, having acquired the original developer, Talisman, in May 2015. The company is also involved in the development of new offshore wind farms in Scotland.