EOWDC, Aberdeen. Credit: Vattenfall/ TVP Film & Multimedia Ltd
Analysis & Insight

Driving Cross-Sector Innovation in Offshore Wind

Published 7 March 2019

EOWDC EOWDC, Aberdeen. Credit: Vattenfall/ TVP Film & Multimedia Ltd

The launch of the Offshore Wind Sector Deal has highlighted the importance of cross-sector innovation to the industry’s continued growth.

Critical to the success of the moon landings and instrumental in the creation of the internet, cross-sector innovation is also one of offshore wind’s key drivers. This Analysis and Insight paper, by the Catapult’s Innovation Manager Alex Louden, will explore the strategies behind mission-led and open innovation, and how cross-sector innovation feeds into them. It delves into the synergies between offshore wind, oil and gas, and aerospace and defence, highlighting case studies of companies from other industries that have successfully innovated in offshore wind. Some high-level barriers to cross-sector innovation will be emphasised, along with some of the work that ORE Catapult is doing to break them down.