Offshore Wind Economics for Complete Beginners

Offshore Wind Economics for Complete Beginners is a self-paced, online course delivered by ORE Catapult in collaboration with independent energy economist, Ken Kasriel. The course provides a detailed pathway into the subject for those who are new to offshore wind energy, cashflow modelling, or both.

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Through hands-on Excel case studies and preparatory exercises (all with solved and unsolved versions); approximately 12 hours of wide-ranging, often conversational video lectures (averaging around 4 minutes each); and quizzes, this course is Version 2.0 of a successful pilot given in 2020.

Assuming no renewables background or Excel cash flow modelling experience, first, the course gradually immerses students in the relevant high-level issues framing OSW (based on early 2020s technology).

Then, in rolled-up-sleeves-with Excel mode, we’ll see how to simulate power generation for different notional offshore wind farm sites, and ultimately model their discounted cashflows. Solved and unsolved versions of exercise and model files are provided and coded for clarity. Students will receive a digital certificate of completion once all course videos have been viewed and end of section quizzes completed.


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