Alex Neumann

Asset & Business Development Manager, HV Electrical

As Asset, Business Development and Technical Manager of the ORE Catapult’s HV electrical testing facilities, Alex has developed a specialist centre for electrical power system technology R&D, testing and consultancy to facilitate the development of future electrical power systems.

Alex graduated as an Electrical Engineer from the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, has been a Chartered Engineer (IET) since July 2004 and holds an MBA from Durham University.  He joined ORE Catapult in 2015 after spending nearly ten years working internationally as a consultant in the power industry and is an active member of CIGRE. His subsequent work experience includes operational and planning roles in the power transmission environment (Eskom, South Africa) and later working as an engineering consultant with PB Power in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Alex’s track record has included advising regulators, power system owners and government agencies on issues ranging across power system operations, regulatory assessments, investment planning and expenditure modelling. His countries Experience includes UK, Ireland, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Syria, Oman, Jordan, Nigeria, UAE, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and Syria.