Dr Ampea Boateng

Senior Research Engineer, Intelligence Condition Monitoring

Dr Ampea Boateng is responsible for R&D activities related to data analysis for wind turbine mechanical drivetrain components. Ampea began his research career with the Industrial Doctoral Centre for Offshore Renewable Energy (IDCORE) where he worked with ORE Catapult to develop new ways of testing main bearings in wind and tidal turbines in an accelerated manner. After joining ORE Catapult, Ampea has worked as a research engineer in the drivetrain knowledge area, focusing on advanced drivetrain sensing, measurements, signal processing and data analysis.

Ampea has utilised his skills to developed tools for automatic analysis of test data from a 7MW wind turbine nacelle test stand. As part of the same project, Ampea successfully evaluated the performance of a novel shaft monitoring device by comparing its performance with FEA analyses. Furthermore, Ampea has applied novel data processing techniques on vibration data in many applications, including on a 6MW pitch and main bearing test bench, as well as prototype testing of a novel 500 kW generator.

Ampea has also researched how data from turbine mounted lidars can be used to reduce loads on a 7MW wind turbine by studying how measured wind speeds ahead of a turbine can be used to reduce the impact turbine loads by making controller modifications. More recently, Ampea has focused on applying advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques on wind turbine measurements for detecting and diagnosing faults. He has successfully applied Machine Learning (ML) techniques to monitor the health condition of operational 6MW wind turbines based on their SCADA signals.