Dr Dimitrios Mamalis

Materials Research Engineer
+44 (0) 1670357722

Dr Dimitrios Mamalis is focusing on material-oriented research for ORE catapult. He holds a PhD from the University of Edinburgh, in Chemical Engineering. His ongoing research interests focus on advanced thermoplastic, thermoset and hybrid composite materials, wetting, interactions of complex fluids with materials surfaces and their industrial applications. Dimitrios has knowledge and experience in nanomaterials, composites, ceramics, polymers, fluids, wetting, multi-phase flows systems and heat transfer phenomena.

Formerly Marie Curie Post-Doctoral Research Fellow (2016-2018) for MARINCOMP project: ”Novel Composite Materials and Processes for Offshore Renewable Energy” (Grant no: 612531), a European Commission, Marie Curie 7th Framework Programme funded Project, at the Institute for Materials and Processes, at the University of Edinburgh. Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at EPSRC Future Composites Manufacturing Research Hub funded project: ”Manufacturing Thermoplastic Fibre Metal Laminates by the In-Situ Polymerisation Route” (2017-2018).

He worked as Marie Curie Research Fellow on POWDERBLADE project, Commercialisation of Advanced Composite Material Technology: ”Carbon-Glass Hybrid in Powder Epoxy for Large Wind Turbine Blades”, funded under Horizon 2020, Fast Track to Innovation Pilot, Project reference: 730747, and as  a Research Fellow on TideFlex project: ”Highly Compliant Tidal Turbine Blades for Increased Durability and Energy Capture” funded by CAMREG Flex-Fund, EPSRC (2018-2019).