Blade Leading Edge Erosion Programme (BLEEP)

Published 13 June 2018

Reducing the impact of blade leading edge erosion on the performance of offshore wind turbines.


BLEEP is a major new collaborative project between ORE Catapult, wind farm owner/operators, wind turbine manufacturers, and academics at world-leading research institutes.

The programme will seek to quantify the magnitude of leading edge erosion (LEE) across the sector by investigating its effect on wind turbine blade efficiency and structural integrity. In addition, by investigating the fundamental physics underpinning LEE failure by experimental and computational methods, ORE Catapult intends to apply that knowledge to:

  • Improve and de-risk techniques for LEE protection
  • Improve and de-risk techniques for LEE repair
  • Develop an independent UK-based facility for erosion testing to assess the performance of current solutions (materials, coatings, etc) and standardise the evaluation of new erosion protection and repair technologies.

The programme steering committee will promote collaboration and “joined-up-thinking” to ensure the programme objectives are representative of industry needs. Organisations from across the stakeholder community have been asked to nominate representatives to participate in the committee.

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