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Fit 4 Offshore Renewables Success Story

Published 5 November 2020 Last updated 23 February 2021

Peritus International is a subsea engineering consultancy that specialises in providing services to the oil and gas and offshore renewable energy industries. Peritus has successfully built a strong track record in the oil and gas sector and is keen to leverage its offshore engineering expertise into the offshore renewable energy industry, providing professional engineering services in subsea cable engineering, floating structure engineering and validation. Peritus’ engineering team have been involved in projects ranging from shallow water and rocky seabeds to ultra-deep water of over 3500m. The company has some renewable energy project experience, including marine energy as well as offshore wind, but is looking to become more well-established in offshore renewables.

Fit 4 Offshore Renewables

In order to become a more prominent player in the offshore renewable energy sector, Peritus participated in the Fit For Offshore Renewables (F4OR) programme to leverage its extensive oil and gas experience into the renewable energy market.

Due to the many similarities in subsea engineering processes and procedures between the oil and gas and offshore renewables sectors, Peritus scored very highly in its initial review, particularly in the Sector Specific phase of the audit. However, there were still areas for improvement identified by the F4OR programme.

For example, in the Business Excellence phase, support was provided through the programme to improve and streamline the internal communication process. One measure was to implement ‘town-hall’ meetings for all staff  to regularly hear updates on the company’s performance as well as provide a platform to raise any concerns or questions.

Although too soon to quantify the impact that the F4OR programme will have on job growth in Scotland, there is no doubt that as Peritus International wins more contracts, it will result in job growth and retention. The programme has enabled Peritus to develop a more focussed approach to the renewables market and the Peritus renewables offering; widening its industry knowledge of suggested supply chain associations and clusters to approach; enabled improvements to internal alignment and deployment of its corporate goals; developed methods to improve staff communication processes.

Peritus International has benefited from the F4OR programme in a number of areas. I’d thoroughly recommend the programme to any company looking to leverage their existing expertise into the offshore renewables sector. The programme has given us the opportunity to better position ourselves as an offshore renewable energy engineering services provider.

– Chas Spradbery, Operations Director, Peritus International Ltd.

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