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Enhancing specialised two-way communication and tracking systems across the renewables sector

Published 9 January 2024 Last updated 9 January 2024

Fern Communications has developed a cost-effective, real-time people tracking solution called F-Trax. It can be integrated with existing marine management systems to ensure the safety of workers within remote field locations such as far out at sea.


About Fern Communications

Effective communication is vital, not only for coordinating tasks, but to guarantee the well-being of employees. Whether it is the offshore wind industry, construction or the emergency services, every team needs to be equipped with a method of communication that is fast, reliable and available at any moment. That is where Fern Communications steps in.

With the ability to quickly adapt to emerging technologies, Fern Communications specialises in communication solutions such as data transfers, data related to weather and ocean conditions, and the Internet of Things (IoT), which is the network connecting devices to the cloud and enabling them to communicate with each other.

Based in Lowestoft, Fern Communications has been operating for 22 years and has manufactured its own products since 2007. This has established Fern Communications as one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of two-way communication solutions in the United Kingdom.

The technology

Fern Communications has developed a range of offshore communications equipment and software. Most recently, it introduced an innovative, cost-effective real-time people tracking solution called F-Trax, which can integrate with existing marine management systems to ensure the safety of remote workers by monitoring the status of workers in remote locations such as offshore.

Fern Communications’ F-Trax device


Fern Communications specialises in installing comprehensive radio systems for wind farms, covering everything from handheld radios to essential infrastructure for offshore wind operations. An effective offshore communication system is crucial for ensuring the seamless progress from the construction phase to the ongoing operation and maintenance of a wind farm.

Wavecom is Fern Communication’s offshore integrated communications system offering a robust digital radio system that brings together a muti-faceted communications package, bespoke to the customer’s needs. It has already been installed on several offshore wind farms including Galloper, East Anglia ONE, Moray East & Moray West.

Support received from Launch Academy East of England

As part of the Launch Academy East of England cohort, Fern Communications has been offered opportunities for greater exposure within the offshore renewables industry and showcase its offshore communications equipment.

Clive Cushion, Technical Director at Fern Communications, said: “Our goal is to encourage the wider offshore renewable industry to adopt F-Trax as a market leading personnel tracking system.

“We have a working prototype that we have been testing for several months and have already received interest from energy developers such as RWE. Collaborating with their team, we’re poised to deploy the system offshore for real-time testing in the coming weeks.”

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