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A nature-based approach to maintenance dredging

Published 9 January 2024 Last updated 9 January 2024

Haven Dredging joined Launch Academy East of England with an eco-friendly and cost-effective dredging solution that could reduce harmful emissions by up to 90%. It harnesses the power of tides and currents, minimising disruptions to marine ecosystems.


About Haven Dredging

Haven Dredging Ltd, a subsidiary of Harwich Haven Authority (HHA), offers innovative solutions to ports and harbours looking for more sustainable sediment management. Leveraging the authority’s expertise, Haven Dredging Ltd has developed eco-friendly and cost-effective dredging solutions called Tiamat, that could reduce harmful emissions by up to 90% while slashing costs by up to half.
Tiamat, which was conceived by Harwich Haven Authority and brought to market by Haven Dredging, provides cleaner, greener, and more efficient dredging methods for port authorities and dredging companies. It promotes responsible and sustainable dredging, while saving time, money and valuable resources.

As Haven Dredging expands globally, it is committed to making a positive environmental impact while upholding sustainability and corporate responsibility. It aims to provide cleaner and more efficient maintenance dredging and support regional growth in Essex and Suffolk by reinvesting profits, all while leading the fight against climate change.

In the next five years, Haven Dredging aims to become a global leader in “Dredging with Nature,” enabling the dredging industry and their customers to make significant contributions to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The firm envisions high demand for its services globally.

The technology

After years of research and testing, Tiamat was developed to reduce the HHA’s own environmental impact and achieve net-zero emissions by 2035, all while cutting costs. Traditional dredging methods are expensive, emit four million tonnes of CO2 annually, and harm the environment. Tiamat offers a solution—a nature-based approach for progressive dredging companies, ports, harbours, and dredging authorities.

Unlike conventional methods, Tiamat harnesses the power of tides and currents, minimising disruption to marine ecosystems. It’s adaptable and is being trialled in places where traditional dredging is costly or impractical, such as reservoirs, canals, and small waterways. Whether it’s port maintenance, sediment management or improving navigation, Tiamat is a versatile and sustainable choice.

Tiamat is already part of the HHA’s dredging program and aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions by up to 95% and reduce dredging costs by 50%. It’s an eco-friendly dredging method that works in harmony with nature; it is easy to deploy and adaptable, saving up to 50% in costs by eliminating the need for a specialised vessel and harnessing the energy of tide and currents.

Tiamat deployed below the water line from the Black “A” frame


Since its April 2023 launch, Tiamat has been granted over 95 patents worldwide, including in the UK, Europe, China and the USA, with more expected in 2023. This rapid patent approval demonstrates Tiamat’s technical innovation.

Support received by Launch Academy East of England

Driven to expand the business and engage with the offshore renewable sector, Haven Dredging saw an opportunity with Launch Academy East of England to acquire additional knowledge, insight and prospects for the company and Tiamat.


Jake Storey, Executive Director of Haven Dredging, said: “We recognise that Launch Academy East of England is a unique opportunity for our business and we are keen to leverage the chance to delve deeper into the offshore renewable industry, enabling us to better understand its dynamics and fine-tune our value proposition accordingly. By maximising ORE Catapult’s resources and expertise, we hope to better position ourselves strategically in the market, to gain a competitive edge and achieve sustainable success.

“With the support and guidance of Launch Academy East of England, Haven Dredging also aims to achieve significant growth and secure potential investors. The modules offer invaluable tools and knowledge that will help us to reach these objectives, and we’re keen to get stuck in!”

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