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Fit 4 Offshore Renewables Success Story

Published 22 October 2020 Last updated 20 January 2021

Established in 1985, Leask Marine Ltd has decades of experience providing specialist marine construction and operations services. Initially, its focus was around its base in Orkney and the Northern Isles, but it now provides services across the UK and internationally through a network of offices. Leask Marine provides specialist services to the offshore renewable energy sector including marine construction and operations consultancy, survey, installation, maintenance and decommissioning.

Over the past 25 years, it has developed a range of technologies, methodologies and services to assist marine construction and operations, reducing risk and improving the efficiency of operations. This includes a number of specialist and highly versatile vessels, subsea handling equipment, engineering and construction teams, together with marine naval architectural and civil engineering services. These have been developed through Leask Marine’s own in-house development activities, and as part of a wide range of collaborative research and development projects. Leask Marine has delivered work under the H2020 and Innovate UK programmes, and for the Carbon Trust’s Offshore Wind Accelerator.

Fit 4 Offshore Renewables

In order to become more competitive in the offshore renewables industry, Leask Marine took part in the pilot programme of the Fit 4 Offshore Renewables (F4OR) programme. It was assessed over two phases of the F4OR programme – the first industry agnostic Business Excellence phase focused on core business management systems. The second Sector-Specific phase focuses on key competences required for success in the offshore renewable energy industry.

When assessed on Business Excellence phase, Leask Marine Ltd were determined to already be a highly capable and competent organisation, with effective and robust management systems. However, it used the targeted support of the F4OR programme to further develop its Strategic, People Management, Process Management and Design and Project Management systems. These areas are all key to the company’s growth and continued development of a range of specialist products and services for the offshore renewable energy industry.

Leask Marine Ltd was also assessed in the Sector-Specific phase where it also rated highly but was supported by the F4OR programme to further develop its Technical and Commercial Risk Management.

Ralph Torr, F4OR programme manager said:

Leask Marine impressed the F4OR Team from the outset. Not only with respect to their existing capability and approach to product / service delivery, but also through their openness to learn and continuously improve. Leask have world leading experience regarding marine operations and have used this to develop a range of efficient and safe systems of work, and enabling technologies. Both of these enable offshore renewable energy project developers and owners to improve safety, save time and reduce costs. We are looking forward to supporting Leask as they grow in the industry, delivering value for clients and driving sustainable economic growth.

The support from the F4OR programme places Leask Marine Ltd. on a very strong competitive footing to win more work in the offshore renewable energy industry. It will enable the company to grow its service business and continue the ongoing development of a range of specialist marine operations/handling technologies. For example, its recently developed submersible drill rig.

Having now become F4OR accredited, Leask Marine Ltd want to use this ‘badge of honour’ to make the business more readily identifiable in the offshore wind industry and a first choice for larger utilities and tier 1 contractors.

Douglas Leask, Managing Director, Leask Marine Ltd, added:

Participating in the F4OR programme has enabled Leask Marine to build sustainable improvement capabilities within the business. This would not have been possible without the assessment and recommendations made by the industrial advisor who assessed Leask Marine on the programme and the support received all through our participation in the programme.

We believe that the F4OR granting will install and promote our business within the offshore renewable energy sector, allowing us to secure investment and engage with industry leaders and potential customers in this rapidly expanding industry.

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