IONATE’s hardware is the Hybrid Intelligent Transformer (HIT); a drop-in replacement for a traditional transformer.

Published 28 April 2023 Last updated 28 April 2023


IONATE transforms power systems through deep-tech R&D. The hardware-software innovation equips key electricity players with the data and power-flow control needed for a flexible, decentralised and decarbonised energy transition.

The technology

IONATE’s hardware is the Hybrid Intelligent Transformer (HIT); a drop-in replacement for a traditional transformer. Thanks to its innovative use of magnetics, the HIT provides real-time sensing and monitoring, dynamic voltage, reactive power and harmonics control all in one device. Plus, as it resolves multiple technical issues with a single elegant solution, it makes the traditional transformer and layers of expensive add-on control electronics redundant.

Whether deployed in distribution substations, wind turbines or solar and storage interconnections, the HIT reduces asset costs, maximises efficiency and diminishes failure rates through improved power quality. Once multiple HITs are in the network, they form a system greater than the sum of its parts. Coordinated by IONATE’s software, the HITs turn the passive, old grid into the energy platform of the future.

Developing commercialised solutions

As one of the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult’s Launch Academy 2022 cohort, IONATE has been working closely with ORE Catapult, receiving valuable support from the experienced team to develop its technology and commercialise its solutions.

Launch Academy has enabled IONATE to gain a better understanding of the market size and the vast opportunities for IONATE’s technology in the UK and global wind sector. The team hopes to formalise agreements to integrate IONATE’s technology for wind farms and individual turbines across the sector.

During the programme, IONATE revealed its seed financing round had secured the company a colossal £3.3 million in funding. IONATE will utilise the millions raised to scale operations and deliver its pioneering hardware-software power flow control solution to electricity distribution grids, renewables generation and energy storage assets.


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