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Published 17 May 2023 Last updated 17 May 2023

About MJR Power and Automation

MJR Power and Automation is focused on improving the offshore wind sector by developing the world’s first, ‘On Turbine Electrical Charging System’. This innovative and award-winning technology allows electric support vessels to charge offshore; a huge step for the decarbonisation of offshore wind operations and maintenance machinery.

Having operated in the marine and offshore energy sector for 25 years, MJR Power and Automation is the leading manufacturer of complex offshore charging solutions and is an Authorised Solutions Partner with Siemens, ABB, Danfoss and many other leading European marine electrical, power conversion and automation manufacturers.

Based in Teesside, the company recently took part in the Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition. After presenting its, ‘On Turbine Electrical Charging System’, the company won the coveted European Commercial Marine Award for Innovation in Renewable Energy 2022 and, more recently, the Renewable UK Global Offshore Wind Award 2022 for Supply Chain Innovation.


The technology

MJR Power and Automation has successfully fast tracked the design and development of an electrical vessel charging system following on from the company being selected as winners of the Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition. The Offshore Charging System has been designed and developed to be installed on the turbine or offshore substation to provide an efficient and safe transfer of power to charge hybrid and electric vessels at sea.

The system is controlled by MJR’s bespoke offshore charging portal and real-time control system. This allows the vessel to book a charging slot and for the windfarm operator to approve and monitor the vessel whilst it charges. When a vessel approaches the turbine and ‘pushes on’, it is checked by a secure two-factor marine grade wireless communication system. Once authorised, the vessel takes remote control of the reeler system. The onboard vessel control station controls the reeler and lowers the cable and connector ‘plug’ into the vessel. Power is then delivered by converting energy directly generated from the wind farm to charge the onboard batteries. Connection and disconnection is totally hands free, with no manual handling required.

Currently, the offshore charging system has been designed and constructed to be located on the offshore wind turbine for charging of Crew Transfer Vessels (CTV’s) but further development is already underway for installation on the offshore Substation and to expand the charging to larger vessels including Service Operation Vessels (SOV’s).

With the offshore charging system scheduled to be ready for deployment in the first quarter of 2023, MJR Power and Automation has been further awarded a second round of UK government funding for the development of its offshore charging system technology. This is to allow the system to further connect and charge Service Operation Vessels (SOVs) and Platform Supply Vessels (PSVs) working in the field.

The Offshore Charging system has been fully factory tested and harbour trials are planned for the beginning of December 2022 at the Port of Blyth. Testing of the complete system, including the connection to a crew transfer vessel with offshore installation, is planned for early 2023.


Guidance with Launch Academy

ORE Catapult’s Launch Academy has enabled MJR Power and Automation to take its technology even further by providing the team with the opportunity to review their technology and ‘stress test’ their business plan and commercial model. During Launch Academy, MJR Power and Automation also won the ‘Renewables Category’ award at the Innovations Showcase 2022.

Recognising the growing momentum for maritime decarbonisation, MJR has invested significantly in research and development in order to position itself as the UK market leader in net zero operations of marine and ports infrastructure.

Keen to commercialise, and currently dealing with a significant level of global interest in their electrical charging point, MJR Power and Automation is enrolled on the IUK Scaleup and Fit4 Offshore Renewables programmes to support their growth and pilot with more offshore windfarms.

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