Ocean Energy Scale-Up Alliance

Published 1 April 2019

Accelerating the development of marine energy technologies through partnerships and collaboration.

About the Project

ORE Catapult OESA Ocean Energy Scale-Up Alliance

The Ocean Energy Scale-Up Alliance (OESA) aims to accelerate the development of marine energy technologies through strategic partnerships and international collaboration.

An accelerator project aiming to develop and deploy large-scale marine energy pilots, OESA is a transnational partnership under the lead of the Dutch Marine Energy Centre. It will combine expertise from six European countries from the North Sea region.

The following three goals will accommodate a larger number of technology deployments in the future:

  • Development of a transnational scale-up offer for marine energy technologies, in which the services of large European service providers in offshore and marine energy are combined.
  • Accelerating the development of five technologies, leading to the deployment of 20MW in large-scale pilots.
  • Bringing together stakeholders from the offshore industry, investors and policy makers in a stakeholder platform, showing the collaborative potential of marine energy in order to secure their support for future deployments in the ocean energy sector.

A Partnership of International Experts

OESA is made up of thirteen organisations specialising in offshore engineering, market development, ocean energy testing and technology development. Five of the Alliance’s members are technology developers, ensuring that work is tailored towards serving the industry’s most pressing challenges. Together with the eight service providers, they are analysing and defining services that will lead to the development of five technology pilots.

The service providers are combining their expertise to offer a portfolio that covers both technological and commercial services. Not only will this lead to the acceleration of the technology pilots, but also ensure the sustainable growth of technology companies.

Through its international collaboration, OESA strives to build and develop the ocean energy sector, share lessons learned, and ultimately lead to the deployment of more renewable energy projects in the North Sea region.

Visit the OESA website for more information.

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