O&M Case Studies

Published 13 June 2018

Highlighting game-changing O&M projects and promoting best practice among the offshore wind community.


Providing unique insight into the strategies used to solve some of the offshore wind industry’s most pressing maintenance challenges, our regular series of offshore wind O&M-focused case studies is supported by our O&M forum and funded by The Crown Estate and the Offshore Wind Programme Board. From crew transfer to training, foundations to fault detection, these studies aim to highlight game-changing O&M projects, and promote the dissemination of knowledge among the offshore wind O&M community.

The project, sponsored by the Offshore Wind Programme Board and The Crown Estate, addresses a need first identified by ORE Catapult’s O&M Forum, a group of industry representatives who meet on a regular basis to discuss O&M topics and concerns. They wanted a mechanism to share knowledge and experience, and these case studies have provided a platform for operations and maintenance experts from across the UK offshore wind sector to share their knowledge on specific technical, commercial and operations challenges.

Case Study Reports

The case study topics were proposed by members of the O&M Forum and were used to showcase best practice and raise awareness of common issues and experiences from across the sector. They draw on the operational experience of key resources and highlight the key learning outcomes and recommendations to others arising from each topic.

“To improve performance and reduce the costs associated with offshore wind farms, there needs to be greater collaboration amongst industry players to share best practice and learning. If we are going to capitalise on the economic opportunity presented by a strong offshore supply chain, then we need to develop a collective view on what the key technology challenges are, and where the industry should be focusing its combined efforts on developing innovative solutions to drive cost reductions.”

Chris Hill – Operational Performance Director, ORE Catapult 

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