Published 13 June 2018

Identifying common components in ocean energy technologies

The Project

The RECODE project, in collaboration with project partners TecnaliaZunibal,  DitrelWavECSmartbay, and Cluster, aims to answer the challenge of identifying common components in ocean energy technologies by developing a set of industry-enabling cost-effective components, specifically designed for reliable and sustainable delivery of ocean energy.

The Four Technologies

These components comprise a safety monitoring and control device, a wave measurement buoy, an umbilical cable monitoring device and an underwater device-to-cable connector for a floating energy converter.

Ocean energy technologies are moving steadily from laboratory scale models to real scale prototypes and arrays of converters. Delivering reliable and cost-effective technologies will be paramount to the ultimate commercial success of Europe’s ocean energy industry and therefore identifying common components will help reduce costs by driving down both capital and operational expenditure, and ramping up volume manufacturing.

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