Published 1 February 2020
Subsea inspections are critical in the maintenance of offshore wind farms, helping operators assess the condition of their assets under the sea. However, current methods are time-consuming, expensive and imprecise, requiring large crews, expensive and highly labour-intensive processes and careful analysis of thousands of hours of videos. All of this makes autonomous solutions a priority.

Rovco is leading the way in 3D Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence technologies applied subsea, utilising AUVs (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) and ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicle). Thanks to its revolutionary technology - SubSLAM X2 - the Bristol-based SME's cutting-edge subsea robotic system provides offshore wind owner/operators with millimetre accuracy, live true colour-scaled imagery and 3D models, without the need for any additional sensors or scale bars. SubSLAM X2 is the first real-time underwater video imaging system that delivers high resolution, dense 3D point clouds of subsea assets with millimetric precision. By creating real-time 3D models of underwater structures and the surrounding seabed, it helps operators quickly identify issues and instruct repairs, as well as facilitating more accurate predictions of lifespan and assessment of risk. Above all, it lowers the cost of subsea inspections by 80%, helping to make offshore wind a cheaper, low-carbon energy source.