SCORE2: Supply Chain Innovation for Offshore Renewable Energy

Published 13 June 2018
ORE Catapult is a delivery partner in SCORE2, a project targeting SMEs that have the expertise and capability to support the offshore renewable energy supply chain – particularly new entrants. Providing innovation challenges, advisory and testing services, SCORE2 is set to assist 200 SMEs over the three-year life of the project.

Facilitated through SCORE2, one particular success story has been ORE Catapult's test partnership with Essex-based SME, GreenSpur Renewables Ltd., to develop a new, award-winning, Direct-Drive Permanent Magnet Generator (DD PMG) that does not rely on rare-earth magnets. ORE Catapult helped GreenSpur obtain an initial funding call to scale up their pioneering generator into a small-scale 50kW test unit, as well as support the development of their pitch to secure £1.25m of grant funding from Innovate UK, which will be used to move the technology towards a fully-optimised 1MW unit.