Published 28 April 2023 Last updated 15 May 2023

About Steamology

Steamology is working towards reducing the negative environmental impacts within the offshore industry by replacing diesel engines, found in marine and transport vessels, with zero-emission hydrogen steam powered engines.


The technology

Delivered using a cradle-to-cradle approach, Steamology utilises the existing capital production equipment that produces diesel engines to manufacture power turbines. Steamology’s innovative design approach avoids rare and toxic materials and replaces fossil fuel engines with clean, green renewable hydrogen steam power. Currently pre-revenue, Steamology is making significant technological progress by operating a dynamometer test cell and increasing the capability of its zero-emission high powered turbines to MW scale.

Invaluable help with Launch Academy

During ORE Catapult’s Launch Academy, Steamology secured more than £650k in public funding and successfully completed a Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition (CMDC) proposal project to make a zero-emission research vessel. Steamology is now collaborating with ORE Catapult and marine engineers, Duodrive on a future demonstration project regarding the feasibility of a high efficiency electric propulsion crew transfer vessel (CTV).

Steamology CEO, Matt Candy, said: “Launch Academy has enabled us to increase our network of contacts within the offshore renewable world and developed our business model exponentially.

“With the testing capabilities provided to us by ORE Catapult, we are well on our way to achieving Steamology’s goal of significantly contributing to net zero targets across multiple industries.”

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