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Spearheading the digital revolution in the offshore wind, wave and tidal sectors by implementing big data, machine learning and AI technology.

Data and Digitalisation in Offshore Renewable Energy

Offshore renewable energy assets are abundant producers of big data, and it is clear that better data management and analytics is key to improving operations and maintenance.

Many wind farm operators are storing enormous quantities of data, but lack the appropriate systems to use it to drive more efficient decision making. Through our unique position as the UK’s leading centre for research and development and technology innovation in the industry, we can bring data owners and digital service providers together to accelerate the digitalisation and use of data within the offshore renewables industry.

The Catapult is internationally recognised for our data analytics and benchmarking services. We are independent and neutral, and our unparalleled industry knowledge, combined with wide stakeholder engagement experience at all levels of the value chain, means we are well-versed in the digital challenges and opportunities that exist in the sector.

Wind Digital Innovations Forum

The Catapult is launching the Wind Digital Innovations Forum to enable a step-change in the use of data and digital technology in the wind industry.

Visit the Wind Digital Innovations Forum page to find out more and play your part.

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Data and Digitalisation Team

The Catapult has established a multi-disciplinary Data and Digitalisation team, comprising experts in computer science, data management, information systems, mechanical engineering and marine technology. Its focus is on addressing the main challenges in wind, wave and tidal data management, and investigating and spearheading new ways of processing and handling data to convert it into useful insight.

We offer data and digitalisation services to customers operating in, or wishing to enter, the renewable energy sector.

Our mission is to support the renewables industry to become data-led, and to extract the full potential from data and digital technology.

The Data and Digitalisation Team sits within the Catapult’s Operation & Performance directorate and can draw on vast experience across the business.

Service Offerings


We are experts in the handling and analysing of data. Independent and trusted, we have the knowledge, skills and industry connections to develop new and innovative ways to process and manage data.

We offer a number of data-driven services in several key areas:

Access to Operational Data

POD (Platform For Operational Data)

Our Platform for Operational Data enables users to access and request data sets collected by the Catapult from the 7MW Levenmouth Demonstration Turbine.

Better access to quality data leads to better analysis and insight and thus better decision-making – this, in turn, leads to reduced risk for investors and greater return on investment. We aim to support innovative research projects and product development through data provision to academics, researchers, and the wider community pursuing growth opportunities in renewables.

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Industry Benchmarking


The System Performance, Availability and Reliability Trend Analysis (SPARTA) platform is a database for sharing anonymised offshore wind farm performance and maintenance data. It supports improvements in the availability, reliability and performance of offshore wind assets, which will drive efficiency improvements, cost reduction, sector innovation, investment and development.

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The Wind Energy Benchmarking Service (WEBS) is an independent performance benchmarking company. It applies a suite of web-based tools to assist global onshore and offshore wind farms owner/operators to improve performance and reliability whilst driving down the cost of asset operations and maintenance.

WEBS provides a secure, anonymised, industry-level, independent web-based benchmarking service for wind farms across several key performance indicators.

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Data Pilot Projects

We offer a pilot analytics investigation as a first step in revealing how a data owner can get value from operational data.

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Here are some of the digital concepts and techniques that the ORE Catapult are exploring. To find out more or to discuss your data and digitalisation needs, contact us.

Business Intelligence Tools And Dashboards

  • Aggregation of disparate data streams and configuration of interactive visualisations
  • Streamlining reporting lines and democratising insights

Exploring The Potential Of Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence

  • Failure prediction and anomaly detection
  • Identifying blade leading edge erosion from SCADA data
  • Classification of blade and substructure inspection images

Natural Language Processing

  • Automatic processing of alarm descriptions and work orders

Process and Workflow Automation

  • Automation of repeated processes, freeing up analysts and engineers

Exploring New Data Structures

  • Impact and value of evolving from databases to data warehousing and data lakes
  • Big data architectures e.g. Hadoop and Apache Spark


  • Spare parts holdings
  • Daily planning and vessel routes

Advanced Wind And Tidal Turbine Performance Analysis

  • Automation of operational state identification
  • Power curve analysis, production loss quantification and yaw misalignment identification


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