Marine Energy Engineering Centre of Excellence (MEECE)


The Marine Energy Engineering Centre of Excellence (MEECE) is working to put Wales and Welsh companies at the heart of the UK’s growing marine and offshore renewable energy sectors.

Based at Pembroke Dock, the centre delivers research, development and demonstration activities to support innovation in the Welsh supply chain, accelerating the commercialisation of the wave, tidal and offshore wind sectors by reducing cost of energy.

ORE Catapult’s Wales presence has seen impressive growth over the past five years with the MEECE becoming a multi-project office, embedded in various local clusters. The centre is a multi-million-pound collaboration between ORE Catapult and Welsh universities, funded by the Welsh European Funding Office.


What does MEECE offer?

The purpose of the MEECE collaboration is to support innovative companies in West Wales and the Valleys region to develop new products, processes and services for the offshore renewables sector.

We carry out a range of collaborative innovation projects to support these technology developments at minimal cost to the company. These include:

  • Research projects to establish feasibility and impact
  • Design and construction of prototypes and scale models
  • Testing and demonstration of prototypes, products and subassemblies at:
    • Our world-leading test facilities at the National Renewable Energy Centre, Blyth
    • The Marine Energy Test Area (META)
      • The MEECE Smart Buoy is a unique test and demonstration facility used to test innovative UK technologies within the Marine Energy Test Area (META) in Pembrokeshire. It allows new marine products and services to be developed at minimal cost and risk to companies. This asset can be used to support a wide array of technology testing, with complete deployment, management and technical support.

Recent Case Studies:

Marine Power Systems

Marine Power Systems (MPS) collaborated with the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult to support the development of their novel floating offshore wind platform.



CGG Environmental Science and Sercel

CGG Environmental Science and Sercel are collaborating with The Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult to deploy and demonstrate the performance of a newly developed autonomous monitoring solution for the automated, real-time detection of cetaceans. This technology can be used to support offshore energy project consenting and monitoring.



Anakata and Ventient Energy

ORE Catapult is collaborating with Anakata, Ventient Energy and Swansea University through its Marine Energy Engineering Centre of Excellence (MEECE) on a project that aims to better understand leading edge erosion and its effects on wind turbine performance.




We want to hear from innovative SMEs with ground-breaking technologies and concepts that MEECE can help drive towards commercialisation. We can work across all TRL levels, from basic concepts to pre-production prototypes. Current projects that we are already investigating include:

  • Feasibility studies of a floating wave energy converter that has the potential to co-locate with floating wind. This project includes numerical modelling, resource mapping and cost of energy analyses.
  • Investigation of a novel heat-exchanger fluid with the potential to improve cooling systems on large wind turbines. As part of this project, MEECE looked to build a bespoke test rig to demonstrate the fluid in a representative context.
  • Prototyping and testing a novel vertical axis turbine technology. MEECE will design and build a small prototype and test it in flumes and/or wind tunnels at Cardiff and Swansea Universities, leading to further testing in META.




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