Operations & Maintenance Centre of Excellence (OMCE)

Located in the Port of Grimsby, the UK Operations & Maintenance Centre of Excellence (OMCE) is building on the Humber region’s energy heritage and extensive experience of servicing offshore wind farms. The OMCE is a national hub for enhancing the UK’s world leading position in offshore wind operational performance. It is a catalyst for innovation, technology, cross-sector collaboration and best practice to enhance safety, reduce cost and support the growth of UK O&M.

By bringing together offshore wind owners, operators, supply chain, industry leaders, regulators and academia, the OMCE will work with UK industry to drive solution-focused innovation and improvements in O&M.

About OMCE


To establish an internationally recognised centre of excellence in operations and maintenance which will enhance the global impact of UK businesses, making offshore wind O&M smarter, safer and greener.


Drive best practice, knowledge sharing and collaboration between wind farm operators to improve efficiency, reliability, environmental impact and safety. Facilitate market access for companies with new or transferable technologies relevant to O&M.


  • Establish the UK as leading O&M market in the world
  • Establish an internationally recognised centre of excellence in O&M
  • Enhance innovation in remote operations and maintenance
  • Accelerate adoption of alternative fuels for clean maritime
  • Close, slow and narrow the loop for a circular economy in offshore wind ​
  • Provide depth of expertise for new entrants


Core funding for the OMCE is provided by ORE Catapult. Specific projects are supported by industry investment and grant funding.

Impact and additionality

The OMCE recognises there is a range of relevant activity within the broader offshore wind industry and is seeking to augment this through working in collaboration and formal partnerships where this is in the interests of relevant stakeholders. It is seeking to ensure that O&M specific risks and opportunities are considered from the outset, and that the supply chain is informed and positioned to keep pace with market expansion.

O&M activities make up almost a quarter of the lifetime costs of an offshore wind farm and provide a huge opportunity for cost reduction through innovation of products and services.

Strategic work programmes

The Operations and Maintenance Centre of Excellence (OMCE) runs a range of strategic programmes, alongside its core work programme.

In FY23/24 the OMCE is launching a number of targeted strategic programmes. These targeted programmes build infrastructure for delivery of activities in specific high priority areas.

The strategic programmes are:

  • 5G testbed for testing and demonstration of robotics and autonomous systems within Grimsby dock and the Lynn and Inner Dowsing offshore wind farm
  • Clean maritime demonstration
  • Digital O&M environment (DOME) for simulation and proof of concept using real world data
  • National Clean Maritime Demonstration Hub. Providing open access to clean fuels and support services at the Port of Grimsby as well as links to Centres of Maritime decarbonisation excellence across the UK.

Industry engagement

O&M Forum

ORE Catapult convenes the O&M Forum, which brings together owner-operator representatives from operational offshore wind farm sites to share best practice and burning issues in maintenance. Common topics for discussion are major component exchange, parts management, contract management, emerging technologies and techniques. Specialist third parties or developers with no operational wind farms may be invited at times.


ORE Catapult supports the Offshore Renewable Energy Emergency Forum. Senior HSE managers with responsibility for offshore wind farm emergency planning meet with regulators, the Maritime & Coastguard Agency and police forces to coordinate and plan emergency responses, including multi-agency exercises.

Operation Zero

As both a potential producer and user of clean fuels, the UK’s offshore wind industry is in a unique position to act as a springboard for that broader maritime decarbonisation. The energy generated by offshore wind farms is likely to form part of the maritime fuel mix of the future. Collaborative action from industry leaders across the supply chain is imperative, as is States’ cooperation in helping de-risk these investments and facilitating the path for the industry.

Operation Zero is a collaboration between government and industry with the goal of overcoming barriers to maritime decarbonisation and making zero emissions vessels a reality in the Offshore Wind Operations and Maintenance sector.


Next generation operations and control

  • Accelerating and focussing problem owners and solution providers on more effective use of data and digitalisation to enable better operational and strategic decision-making.
  • Develop “themed” forums and JIPs across the sector – e.g., RAS, Clean Maritime, Cybersecurity, Digitalisation.​
  • Target and build greater experience in domain knowledge for data interpretation and lead sector on standardisation methodologies to enable more effective collaboration and innovation acceleration.


Inspection, maintenance and repair

  • Enhancing innovation in remote operations and maintenance – working to develop, demonstrate, test and qualify using “blended” techniques across connected real and digital assets.
  • Develop world leading, digitally enabled development, demonstration and test capabilities across multiple sites, linking real and virtual assets – e.g., DOME, RAS Centre, 5G Testbed, LDT​
  • Build the service offering in capabilities across the RAS continuum – simulation support, data analysis, hardware-in-the-loop, platform test, operational integration​
  • Leverage existing and seek additional partnerships with operators to integrate operational assets into O&M Development Zones.


Clean maritime and decarbonisation

  • Supporting the development of clean maritime, the circular economy and decommissioning through targeted R&D
  • Circular Economy for the Wind Sector (CEWS) to catalyse practical industry programs on circular economy – starting with focus on overcoming barriers to grey spares market.​ You can read more here.
  • The primary objectives of clean maritime at ORE Catapult are to:
    1. Accelerate the deployment of zero emissions vessels and technology in offshore renewables in the UK and abroad
    2. Build UK supply chain capability through support and collaboration.
  • Current projects include:
    1. 5 ‘Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition’ projects studying and demonstrating technologies such as foiling vessels, offshore charging, port emissions optimisation, and a Zero Emissions barge concept.
    2. Operation Zero Declaration: launched at COP26, an industry coalition working together to accelerate the decarbonisation of the O&M vessels in the North Sea offshore wind sector.
    3. Bibby Wavemaster Zero C: an industry led project to determine optimum fuel types for future service operations vessels.


OMCE Case Studies

Highlighting game-changing O&M projects and promoting best practice among the offshore wind community.

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Contact Our Team

Katharine York

OMCE Manager

Email Katharine York

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Katharine is the OMCE (Operations & Maintenance Centre of Excellence) Manager for the ORE Catapult.

Prior to joining the Catapult in March 2020, Katharine worked for 12 years in operations and maintenance of renewable energy. In previous roles for owner operators and OEMs, Katharine managed the production and logistics of onshore and offshore wind farms, and a hydro power station. This included setting up 24/7 control rooms to monitor production, manage vessels and liaise with National Grid.

As Operations & Maintenance Centre of Excellence Manager, Katharine brings an understanding of the hurdles and practical challenges to be overcome for a new product or service to make an impact in the offshore renewable industry.

Katharine is the main point of contact for STEM activity within the Humber region.

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